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A Multi-Game / Multi-Guild Community

Welcome to the official home page for TrueHumanity Guilds!  TrueHumanity is the parent name for a community of friends who share a common interest in playing online games together.  Most of us became acquainted while playing the popular game, The Matrix Online.  It is also the birth place of our parent guild name.  Eventually, many of us moved on to other games such as Lord of the Rings Online and Star Wars Galaxies

Today, our largest presence is clearly in the most popular MMORPG ever, World of Warcraft.  A game we have grown to really enjoy as it gives us the most content available of any game we have tried.  We are an Alliance guild called, "Guardians of Humanity" and play on the Kirin Tor realm.  

Most of our members are adults over the age of 25, who are married, have careers and even children of their own.  We even have a parent and child that occasionally play with us!  Many of us have been together even before TrueHumanity was born.  In fact, it was this desire to continue hanging together in whatever games we played that TrueHumanity evolved in to the multi-game guild we are now. 

We are a fun loving group and we are always excited to meet other folks who share our interested in online games.  If would like to learn more about TrueHumanity and even meet some of the group, be sure to visit our GUILD FORUM which is the center of our community.

TrueHumanity is a fan of the hot YouTube web series, "The Guild".  Watch Episode #1 below and then visit to see MORE:



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